Street art under a bridge in Dunedin.
Street art under a bridge in Dunedin.


‘Dunners’ is a city full of enchantment—just ask our city experts. Follow New Zealander of the Year Kiwibank Local Hero, Tahu McKenzie to Orokonui Ecosanctuary, a protected paradise of lush regenerating forest. Or catch a surf break of national significance with ice cream maker Olive Tabor of Patti's and Cream. If indoor experiences are more your speed, take a tip from local fashion designer Sara Munro and head off for a gallery crawl to soak in Dunedin’s eclectic art scene. Wander the gem-filled Warehouse Precinct with architect Damien van Brandenburg, and let local innovation champion Heidi Renata show you how to wind down with an evening of great jazz and espresso martinis.

Seven people. Seven ways to see a city. Find your Never Have I Ever.

What's your Dunedin Never Have I Ever?

  • Olive Tabor

    Owner of Patti's & Cream

    Never been to John Z Robinson’s studio in Dunedin? Scoop shop owner Olive Tabor loves visiting the tiny studio gallery of this iconon painter, sculptor and jeweller. She says it's like being in the presence of a living legend.

    Discover Olive’s Dunedin.

  • Tahu MacKenzie

    Bird conservationist & singer

    Never been to The Void? It’s a multicultural experience at the Otago Museum that incorporates the Māori idea of nothingness and the theory of the big bang into a room of mirrors and lights. It’s one of the ways Tahu Mackenzie likes to experience natural wonders in Dunedin.

    Discover Tahu’s Dunedin.

  • Damien van Brandenburg


    Never been through the 1860s smugglers tunnels under Dunedin? Architect Damien van Brandenburg loves this subterranean insight to a city that is rich in diverse, gold rush-era architecture.

    Discover Damien’s Dunedin.

  • Sara Munro

    Fashion designer

    Never hit the boutiques of fashion-forward Dunedin? Company of Strangers creative director Sara Munro says to get to know Dunedin, you need to see how Dunedin dresses and explore the natural beauty and underground culture.

    Discover Sara’s Dunedin.

  • Nadia Reid


    Never met a friendly eel? Musician Nadia Reid finds inspiration and exercise soaking up nature at Orokonui Ecosanctuary. Nadia’s Dunedin is full of nature - and great food and coffee.

    Discover Nadia’s Dunedin.

  • Josh Thomas

    Bar owner

    Never swum off the deserted boatshed at Pūrākaunui? Designer and bar owner Josh Thomas calls it “magical”. He likes to gather cockles here, too. Josh loves Dunedin’s deserted beaches and connected people.

    Discover Josh’s Dunedin.

  • Heidi Renata

    Wāhinepreneur & business owner

    Never explored the collections of skulls and skeletons at the Museum of Natural Mystery? This is a favourite haunt of “wāhinepreneur” Heidi Renata - when she’s not recharging on the region’s white sand beaches or cutting up the dance floor with her mates.

    Discover Heidi’s Dunedin.