People milling about inside Barefoot Eatery in Christchurch.

Food & Drink

Do you dream of the perfect negroni? Would you fly to another city on a whim for an artfully presented degustation? Let our food and drink experts serve you up all their favourite spots. Rediscover Aotearoa New Zealand’s cities with our insider’s guides and find out what’s your Never Have I Ever…

What's your Food & Drink Never Have I Ever?

  • Anh Chaimontree


    Never stared up at the mechanical hedges or looked down the chequered walkway at Hamilton Gardens’s new Surrealist Garden? It’s restaurateur Anh Chaimontree’s favourite part of her city’s famous gardens.

    Discover Anh’s Hamilton.

  • Olive Tabor

    Owner of Patti's & Cream

    Never been to John Z Robinson’s studio in Dunedin? Scoop shop owner Olive Tabor loves visiting the tiny studio gallery of this iconon painter, sculptor and jeweller. She says it's like being in the presence of a living legend.

    Discover Olive’s Dunedin.

  • Rosa and Margo Flanagan

    Two Raw Sisters

    Never strolled this block of independent businesses on the southern end of the city? This is where Margo and Rosa Flanagan run their Two Raw Sisters cooking school. They love to frequent the other passionate businesses here - from coffee at Supreme to souvlaki at Welles Street Restaurant.

    Discover Margo & Rosa’s Christchurch.

  • Dove Chen

    Champion Barista & Café Owner

    Never had the high tea experience overlooking the tea fields at the Zealong Tea Estate in Hamilton? Barista champion and café owner Dove Chen appreciates the subtlety of a good brew. He says the stunning Zealong experience is not to be missed. 

    Discover Dove’s Hamilton.

  • Lisa Wicksteed

    Hospitality hero

    Never had a line-up of local chardonnay with your tapas? Hospitality legend Lisa Wicksteed recommends the wine “flights” from Cellar Door in the city’s stunning Arts Centre. As a respected restaurateur for 20 years, Lisa knows the magic of heartfelt hospo.

    Discover Lisa’s Christchurch.

  • Kim Higgison

    Ice cream maker & business owner

    Never experienced Sage, the dining experience in a brew bar in Hamilton? Kim Higgison of Duck Island Ice Cream thinks you should. She’s proud of the creative community in her adopted home of Hamilton.

    Discover Kim’s Hamilton.

  • Jos Ruffell


    Never had the soft-serve from Zany Zeus? Brewer Jos Ruffell goes for the liquorice flavour after a walk in the Remutaka Forest.

    Discover Jos's Wellington.

  • Josh Thomas

    Bar owner

    Never swum off the deserted boatshed at Pūrākaunui? Designer and bar owner Josh Thomas calls it “magical”. He likes to gather cockles here, too. Josh loves Dunedin’s deserted beaches and connected people.

    Discover Josh’s Dunedin.

  • Flip Grater

    Musician & vegan butcher

    Never had a sushi taco? Musician and vegan butcher Flip Grater can help. Bar Yoku is a favourite in her inner-city neighbourhood and is part of the healthy, sustainable vibe curated at The Welder complex.

    Discover Flip’s Christchurch.

  • Beth Brash


    Never tried the eggplant claypot at KC Café? Wellington on a Plate programme manager Beth Brash lives, eats and dreams food. And she thinks this is the perfect finish to a night out.

    Discover Beth's Wellington.

  • Dariush Lolaiy

    Chef & cookbook author

    Never had a special occasion meal at Cocoro? Chef Dariush Lolaiy describes Makoto’s food as nothing short of magic - plus the best sake selection in town. It’s his favourite special occasion restaurant.

    Discover Dariush’s Auckland.

  • Yeshe Dawa

    Gluten free baker

    Never strolled the Sanctuary Mahi Whenua Community Gardens? Gluten-free baker Yeshe Dawa loves looking at the way different people approach their edible gardens. Yeshe loves connecting with Auckland’s local food culture and green spaces.

    Discover Yeshe’s Auckland.

  • Sarah & Otis Frizzell

    Owners of The Lucky Taco

    Never been to the Miann Chocolate Factory in Morningside? Sarah & Otis Frizzell reckon the owner is a bit like Willy Wonka. You can see the chocolate being made - and then pop over to the MorningCidery for a Lucky Taco Cider - an award-winning habanero ginger drop that Otis & Sarah helped create.

    Discover Sarah & Otis’s Auckland.