People walking into a bar.
People walking into a bar.


Never have you ever let your mind wander in a float tank? Let rugby player and wellness expert Tim Bateman guide you around. Or will you hit the city with local food heroes, The Two Raw Sisters Rosa and Margo Flanagan? Our creative placemakers Coralie and Ryan will show you how to play like a kid and dance like no one’s watching. Tour guide Riwai Grace helps you hunt out the soul of Ōtautahi’s hospitality. But maybe you’d rather explore street art and shop conscious fashion with artist Kophie Husbosch?

Seven people. Seven ways to see a city. Find your Never Have I Ever.

What's your Christchurch Never Have I Ever?

  • Riwai Grace

    Tour Guide I Āmiki Tours

    Never let your inner child out on the slides, swings and trampolines of the Margaret Mahy playground? Firefighter and tour guide Riwai Grace likes to combine this evening event with a treat from Christchurch’s iconic Rollickin’ Gelato.

    Discover Riwai’s Christchurch.

  • Rosa and Margo Flanagan

    Two Raw Sisters

    Never strolled this block of independent businesses on the southern end of the city? This is where Margo and Rosa Flanagan run their Two Raw Sisters cooking school. They love to frequent the other passionate businesses here - from coffee at Supreme to souvlaki at Welles Street Restaurant.

    Discover Margo & Rosa’s Christchurch.

  • Coralie and Ryan

    Creative Placemakers

    Never been the star of your own stage? Creative placemakers Coralie and Ryan invite you to cut loose at the Dance-O-Mat - a coin operated dance floor. It’s part of their work to make cities fun and accessible.

    Discover Coralie & Ryan’s Christchurch

  • Tim Bateman

    Professional rugby player

    Never had an infrared sauna followed by an ice bath? Ex-Māori All Black Tim Bateman does this every week. His wellness game went up a notch while supporting his wife Laura’s fight against multiple sclerosis.

    Discover Tim’s Christchurch.

  • Lisa Wicksteed

    Hospitality hero

    Never had a line-up of local chardonnay with your tapas? Hospitality legend Lisa Wicksteed recommends the wine “flights” from Cellar Door in the city’s stunning Arts Centre. As a respected restaurateur for 20 years, Lisa knows the magic of heartfelt hospo.

    Discover Lisa’s Christchurch.

  • Kophie Hulsbosch

    Artist & designer

    Never had a good look around the explosion of incredible street art in Christchurch? Artist and designer Kophie Hulsbosch recommends the Watch This Space guided tour. Her Ōtautahi is rich with urban art, conscious fashion and vegan food.

    Discover Kophie’s Christchurch.

  • Flip Grater

    Musician & vegan butcher

    Never had a sushi taco? Musician and vegan butcher Flip Grater can help. Bar Yoku is a favourite in her inner-city neighbourhood and is part of the healthy, sustainable vibe curated at The Welder complex.

    Discover Flip’s Christchurch.