Kophie Hulsbosch's Christchurch

I am an artist and designer who grew up in Wanaka but has lived in Ōtautahi for 16 years. Most of my work in art, design or street art, is politically or environmentally motivated, or has some sort of underlying social commentary. For my Bachelor of Media Arts, I researched sustainable fashion, consumerism and sustainable economic frameworks. Alongside my postgraduate research, I created my own sustainable street wear brand, Future Apparel. I am also a big vegan foodie and I am always checking out new places for healthy, vegan food.

Tour the local street art

Christchurch Central

Since the earthquakes, graffiti art has become much more prevalent in Ōtautahi, filling up empty spaces and bringing life back into the city.  More street artists have had legal access to big walls. Before the quakes, it felt like Christchurch was anti-graffiti but now it’s part of the city’s brand. Watch This Space are experts in graffiti and art. They do tours around the city and have an online map to help you find your way and learn more about the pieces.

A painted woman on a wall in Christchurch.

Shop sustainably

270 Saint Asaph Street, Christchurch Central

The Conscious Club runs sustainable, social and ethical events in Ōtautahi and has just opened a new shop in the Boxed Quarter. I am the sustainability manager and graphic designer for The Conscious Club and I have my art studio in the new space. The shop is filled with six, sustainably-made brands by women creators. There are woven wall hangings by Bee Weave, knit and crochet by Littlest Pip Knits, Clothing by Elody’s Addictions and photographic prints by Helen Griffiths. It is a cool, independent wee shop.

Vintage clothes on a rack.

Art and eats at Pedro’s Café

376 Wilsons Road, Waltham, Christchurch

Pedro’s Cafe is inside the XCHC arts space. The food is some of the best in the city. Pedro sells vegan and non-vegan food but I would recommend the vegan jackfruit wrap or the bagels - they are honestly incredible. Get some of his delicious food and coffee and then check out all the artists working in the studios. There’s often an exhibition on here, too.

A staff member standing behind the bar at Pedro's Cafe.

KFT burger from Grater Goods

105 Orbell Street, Sydenham, Christchurch

I’ve been vegetarian for 10 years and vegan for two. Grater Goods has the coolest atmosphere and the best food. The decor, the French music and the lovely staff makes you feel like you're in another part of the world. The food and coffee is superb. My favourite is the KFT burger - a spiced fried tofu burger with lettuce, Grater Goods sauce and pickles. So good.

Close up of the KFT burger from Grater Goods.

Shop the Green Lane Market

22 Southwark Street, Christchurch Central

A new market in town, Green Lane Market is every Saturday 10am - 2pm in a big warehouse on Southwark. An authentic, sustainably focused market space for the exchange of good items, ideas and individuals. There’s food, local crafts, plants, vintage clothing and so much more! 

Plants and plant pots for sale at Green Lane Market.

Explore the Urban Art scene at Fiksate

165 Gloucester Street, Christchurch Central

Fiksate, near New Regent Street, is the coolest art gallery in town. Owners Nathan and Jenna specialise in urban art and have a large range of work for sale from some of Aotearoa’s leading urban artists. They also have prints and knick knacks like books, zines and stickers for sale. They host a sticker making workshop every wednesday evening, which is  a cool way to experiment with ideas.

Two people browsing art at Fiksate.

Godley Head graffiti walk

Godley Head, Christchurch

You can start from Taylor’s Mistake and walk to Godley Head, looking over the ocean. At the summit there are old gun turrets and military buildings. DoC and the Godley Head Heritage Trust commissioned a mural from local graffiti artist Wongi Wilson (aka Freak).  The mural is about the men and women that worked at Godley Head during World War II. 

The Godley Head mural by Wongi.

Explore the Vegan Night Mākete

39 Nursery Road, Phillipstown, Christchurch

The last weekend of every month, heaps of sensational food vendors pop up outside the Phillipstown Community Hall for the Vegan Night Mākete (market).  It’s a bit different, but there are always lots of food vendors and activities. Look out for Barefoot Eatery or Diva’s Plant Cheese. I love the dumplings and had a vegan tiramisu once which blew me away. 

Vegan temeph in a bain marie.

Shop for vintage at Nifty Market

101 Disraeli Street, Sydenham, Christchurch

Nifty is the original sustainable market in town, located in Benny’s Barber Shop in Sydenham. They usually hold monthly markets and each time a gold coin donation at the door goes to a different charity. Their most popular market is the Thrifty Nifty where it is solely second-hand and vintage. It’s the place to score stunning one-of-a-kind clothes that you wouldn’t find in any other shop. The organiser, Rosie, is very passionate about sustainable fashion. She runs a blog called Slo-mo fashion.

Two women looking at a dress at the Nifty Markets.

Cosy up at Portershed

322 Lincoln Road, Addington, Christchurch

Portershed in Addington won Café of the Year. The vibe is really homely and welcoming and all their food is awesome and vegan. The café is in a renovated old butcher’s shop. It kind of feels like your lounge. I like to grab a blanket and sit in the back garden. For a real treat try the Quarter Pounder burger, the best vegan burger I have had in my life.

Close up of a burger.