A busy Cuba Street in Wellington.


Never have you ever enjoyed a Michelin-star-worthy ice cream scoop? Brewer and food lover Jos Ruffell will sort that. Never perused the vinyl collection at Slowboat Records? Musician Samuel Flynn-Scott will lead you around. If contemporary art is more your speed, allow artist Miriama Grace Smith to point you toward the Enjoy Gallery. Find a slice of nature at Mt Victoria Forest with Prak and Nadya of Precinct and womenswear store ENA. At the end of the day, food and beverage expert Beth Brash will ‘cheers’ you at Goldings Free Dive.

Five people. Five ways to see a city. Find your Never Have I Ever.

What's your Wellington Never Have I Ever?

  • Beth Brash


    Never tried the eggplant claypot at KC Café? Wellington on a Plate programme manager Beth Brash lives, eats and dreams food. And she thinks this is the perfect finish to a night out.

    Discover Beth's Wellington.

  • Jos Ruffell


    Never had the soft-serve from Zany Zeus? Brewer Jos Ruffell goes for the liquorice flavour after a walk in the Remutaka Forest.

    Discover Jos's Wellington.

  • Miriama Grace Smith


    Never seen artist Xoë Hall’s huge depiction of David Bowie in the carpark near Fortune Favours brewery? Xoë’s friend, artist Miriama Grace Smith, thinks this beer and street art combo is a perfect Wellington experience.

    Discover Miriama's Wellington.

  • Prak and Nadya


    Never discovered the sauna hidden upstairs in the central city? For retailers Prak and Nadya, this is a weekly fix. Check out their other favourites - from fashion to food and other good-for-you stuff.

    Discover Prak and Nadya's Wellington.

  • Samuel Flynn Scott


    Never zorbed into the bins at Slowboat Records? Samuel Flynn Scott of the Phoenix Foundation describes this as “meditation for music nerds”. Samuel also writes about food and is obsessed with anything delicious.

    Discover Samuel's Wellington.