An indoor pool at Tory Urban Retreat.

Wellbeing & Relaxation

Is a weekend away for you all about slowing down and hitting reset? Our cities are full of ways to relax and be well, as long as you know where to look. Let our wellbeing experts guide you around. You’ll find everything from light filled yoga studios to beach front saunas, nature walks and mindful art experiences. Plus, heaps of yummy, nurturing food. Discover your Never Have I Ever...

What's your Wellbeing & Relaxation Never Have I Ever?

  • Katie & Alan Deare

    Yoga Teacher & Designer

    Never been to the old Matangi Dairy Factory? The 1919 building has been transformed into a funky new space with shops and the Bootleg Brewery. Yoga teacher and designer Katie & Alan Deare say if you squint, it might remind you of Cockatoo Island.

    Discover Katie & Alan’s Hamilton.

  • Tahu MacKenzie

    Bird conservationist & singer

    Never been to The Void? It’s a multicultural experience at the Otago Museum that incorporates the Māori idea of nothingness and the theory of the big bang into a room of mirrors and lights. It’s one of the ways Tahu Mackenzie likes to experience natural wonders in Dunedin.

    Discover Tahu’s Dunedin.

  • Tim Bateman

    Professional rugby player

    Never had an infrared sauna followed by an ice bath? Ex-Māori All Black Tim Bateman does this every week. His wellness game went up a notch while supporting his wife Laura’s fight against multiple sclerosis.

    Discover Tim’s Christchurch.

  • Rachel Hope Peary

    Painter & yoga teacher

    Never found the hidden gem that is Lovegrove Lane in Hamilton? This is where painter and yoga teacher, Rachel Hope Peary, spends most of her time. Delicious food, calming yoga and boutique retailers keep her coming back.

    Discover Rachel’s Hamilton.

  • Heidi Renata

    Wāhinepreneur & business owner

    Never explored the collections of skulls and skeletons at the Museum of Natural Mystery? This is a favourite haunt of “wāhinepreneur” Heidi Renata - when she’s not recharging on the region’s white sand beaches or cutting up the dance floor with her mates.

    Discover Heidi’s Dunedin.

  • Danijela Unkovich

    Nutritionist & Foodie

    Never tasted the best smoothie bowls ever? Nutritionist Danijela Unkovich thinks the inventive and nutrient-rich goodness from Bowl and Arrow are worthy of the hashtag #foodporn. Her Auckland is full of good food and wellbeing.

    Discover Danijela’s Auckland.